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About Erik & BallerHouse Productions

Erik Hinrichsen is an award-winning filmmaker with directing, shooting, and editing experience.

Contracted to work as a director, producer, videographer, and editor on award-winning short films, television shows, commercials, and music videos, Erik’s work has been featured in film festivals across the country, as well as on television and the inter-webs. He’s worked with the likes of Spike Lee and Rainn Wilson, and alongside organizations such as 20th Century Fox, The Walt Disney Studios, Condé Nast Entertainment, Studio71, the National Wildlife Federation, the Los Angeles Maritime Institute, and Boston University. Currently, Erik resides in Los Angeles, CA where he writes in the third person and continues to develop and shoot projects to further his filmmaking career.

In 2012, Erik founded his own production company, BallerHouse Productions, with the belief that filmmaking is so much more than an art form, in that its main purpose is to entertain by telling compelling stories that emotionally move audiences. With a vision firmly rooted in entertaining viewers of all ages, BallerHouse Productions continues to work on producing unique and stylized projects, telling stories ranging across the emotional spectrum.

Sunrise on Hudson



Work with scripts and clients to develop and achieve creative visions. Whether it’s an ad or narrative film, Erik brings his over 10 years of experience to help projects be the best they can be by understanding story and reaching audiences on an emotional level.


Working with clients as a DP or videographer, Erik can visually and cinematically tell the story you want to tell. Experience with various cameras including RED, Canon Cinema, DSLR and Mirrorless. A Sony a7sII 4K package is available for rent.


With over 12 years of editing experience, Erik uses either Avid Media Composer or the Adobe Creative Cloud to tell stories. Having edited everything from short films to promos and commercials, he understands how a single frame can powerfully impact emotional moments.


If you would like to work with Erik, or submit a reel, script, or demo for consideration, please submit your inquiry using the form below. Erik and the rest of the BHP team would love to hear from you!

You can also connect with Erik and BallerHouse Productions on social media using the icons at the bottom of the page.